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You don’t need to change your ac filters…ever! APRIL FOOLS!

You don’t need to change your ac filters… ever! April Fools!

I wish that was truly the case, but it is a bold faced lie! It is extremely important for you to change your ac filters when they are dirty. It is recommended that you at least check your filters once a month. If they are dirty, be sure to replace them with new ones.

So why is this so important?

Trap Particles

The air filters are used to trap dust, fur, and other particles before they make it to your ac’s evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is one place that an exchange of heat happens in your system. If the coil is clogged with dirt and debris, air is going to have a hard time getting through. Basically, this is like trying to suck air through a pinched straw.

Increases Efficiency

On top of making your ac very inefficient, it is going to cause your ac unit to have to work harder. With this added work, it is possible for your blower motor to overheat, and possibly fail. By simply changing your inexpensive air filter(s) on a regular basis, you are going to save yourself from prematurely wearing out your motor. And, you are going to save a lot of money by not having to replace an expensive component of your ac system.

Preventives Freezing

Decreased air flow can also cause your ac unit to freeze up. There should not be ice on your unit. If this is the case, check your air filters first. If they are clogged, they are blocking warmer air from reaching the evaporator coil. That warm air helps the coil to stay ice free. Without that air flow, you could experience an icing issue.

Low refrigerant is also a probable cause of freezing up. In this case, please give us a call to check out what is going on.

Regular Preventive Maintenance Needed

Changing your air filter on a regular basis is an important step in taking care of one of the most expensive “appliances” in your home, but it is not the only thing that needs to happen. Regular preventive maintenance checks will keep your unit running at its peak efficiency, catch small problems that could turn into major issues, and will give your ac unit the best chance of a long life.

Severely clogged condenser coil!

Call Today!

Call today 843-821-09347 to schedule your preventive maintenance check, or if you are planning to replace your unit, we would be honored to give you a competitive quote.

Financing Available with Approved Credit

Also note that we have financing options available for those with great credit and “not-so-great” credit.

Pollen covered car
Pollen covered car.

Turn your A/C into a whole home air purifier! Pt. 2

Here is Part 2 to the blog “Turn your A/C into a whole home air purifier!” The second part of this blog focuses on another solution for air purification that was mentioned in the original post. The first product was the Air Oasis Nano. This second product is also made by Air Oasis and it is called the Bi-Polar Filterless Cold Plasma Air Purifier.

How does it work?

Pollen covered car
Pollen covered car.

So, you may be wondering how does this little gadget work? Here is the answer to that question… “The Bi-Polar creates cold plasma discharge which consists of positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air. Positive and negative ions attach to smoke, pollen, dander, etc. Particles cluster together to create larger particles. Larger heavy particles drop out of the air and are easily trapped in filters”.

According to the manufacturer, Air Oasis (, when the ions come in contact with the outer shell of mold, bacteria or viruses, the hydrogen is removed. When this happens, the DNA is damaged and the pathogen cannot reproduce!

Air Oasis - Bi-Polar

In addition, this little device’s ions will attack odors and harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on a molecular level. This converts them into harmless atmospheric gases (ie, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor).

Ease of use and longevity.

This product is not like other air purifiers that require removing filters for cleaning, or some other cumbersome task. This unit installs directly inside your a/c unit, and it is filterless! That means that it is also low maintenance, ozone free, chemical free and there are ZERO replacement parts. The Bi-Polar has been designed to outlast your a/c unit.

Benefits of the Bi-Polar 2400 by Air Oasis.

Works great on pollen, smoke, dust, viruses, mold, bacteria, VOCs, odor, and dust.

I would also like to add that it is 100% Made in America.

Do you want to learn more? Would you like to have one of these Whole Home Air Purifiers in your home?Call for a free consultation today at 843-821-0937 or request an appointment online at .

Turn your A/C into a whole home air purifier!

With Spring just around the corner here in the Summerville and Greater Charleston Area, the weather will be just right to open the windows! It is always nice to allow the sun to shine in, feel the breeze come through the house, hear the children playing and laughing outside, and just enjoy the beautiful weather that spring brings.

Arctic Air Inc Flower
This beautiful flower was waiting for me this morning.

Plants and trees are beginning to wake up from their slumber. Leaves are starting to grow on limbs that previously looked like they were dead. Flower buds are popping up. Grass is beginning to grow, along with the weeds. Turtles are basking in the sun. And, the yellow pollen is covering everything in sight!

Spring has sprung… well, kinda…LOL

I am sure that you have already noticed the fine coat of yellow dust all over your cars, trucks and anything else that is hanging out in the great outdoors. And, when you open your windows, you let all of those allergens into your home. Is there anything that can help with this?

Yes, there are products that can help improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home. Depending on your needs, there are complete home filter systems, high MERV filters (these trap very small particles in the filter), table top air purifiers, and the list goes on.

Many of the products that are on the market do a great job of purifying or filtering the air, but require regular cleaning that can be a hassle if your air handler is in the attic. Let’s face it, it is hard enough to remember to change the air filter, much less trying to remove, wash, dry and replace a filter in the attic in the middle of summer.

So, what is one to do? Well, Air Oasis has two products that are great for this application. You can turn your a/c and heating system into a whole house air purifier. These two products are the Nano Induct Whole Home Air Purifer and the BiPolar Filterless Cold Plasma Air Purifier (I will expand upon the BiPolar in the next blog… check it out by clicking here ).

The great thing about these products is that they are affordable, filterless, low-maintenance and energy efficient.


“Using your HVAC System, catalytic molecules, such as hydroperoxides, seek out and destroy simple carbon based contaminants throughout your entire home.” This leaves you with fresh purified air and sanitized surfaces.

Here are some examples of simple carbon based contaminants: mold spores, bacteria, viruses, fungi, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, smoke and more.


According to tests conducted at West Texas A&M University, Air Oasis air purifiers reduce: bacteria up to 99%; mold and fungi up to 99%, viruses up to 99%; aeroallergens up to 99%; odor causing VOCs up to 85% in 1 hour; MRSA on surfaces up to 63% in 24 hours; 99% of odors from cigarette smoke, trash, cooking and household pets.

Check out part 2 of this blog by clicking here!

Do you want to learn more? Would you like to have one of these Whole Home Air Purifiers in your home? Call for a free consultation today at 843-821-0937 or request an appointment online at .

Aggressively Seeking Service Technicians for The Greater Charleston / Summerville Area

Aggressively Seeking Service Technicians for The Greater Charleston / Summerville Area

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to reach out to the followers of our Facebook page, Twitter, Google + page, and our blog to ask for your help. We are looking to hire 2 – 3 Service Technicians for our company.

What do we do? We repair, service, and install air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces for residential and commercial customers. In addition, we also work on walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers in the commercial environment (ie, restaurants).

What are we looking for in a service technician? Ideally, we would like these candidates to be of high moral character, friendly, drug-free, have a desire to help people, have a good driving record, not afraid of heights, and have a strong mechanical ability.  I can sum all of this up into to things… be able to fix equipment and treat our customers with respect and honesty.

When are we looking to hire? We have immediate positions available for the right candidates.

How do you apply? Check out

Again, we are aggressively looking for service technicians who want to pursue or continue their career in the HVAC industry. You can call 843-821-0937, or apply online at the link listed above.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Insurance allowance
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Boot Allowance
  • 401K
  • Vacation Time Off
  • Personal Time Off
  • Cell Phone
  • Laptop
  • Vans are 2013 and newer


We need technicians!

Thank you for your help!





May 1st is here… What is that about a grey cat?

May 1st is here… What is that about a grey cat?

If your ac’s filter looks like a grey cat, it is time to change it! (Art by Caitlin L.)

Hello Everyone!

Because it is the 1st of May, I thought it would be a great time to remind you of a simple task that may make your life better. It may even help your pocketbook or checking account.

Oh, wait, I guess you are also wondering about the title of this post? Well, the two are related. Go check out your air filters for your air conditioner… RIGHT NOW… seriously… RIGHT NOW… I will wait for you.  If they look like a grey cat, then it is most likely time to change them.

So, why is it important to change your ac filter(s)? Well, it is best explained if you pick up a straw and pinch it off. If you try to suck air through that pinched off straw, you are going to start straining to get air through it. You will probably turn a few shades of red and maybe even purple. You will begin to sweat, and a large vein may even form in your forehead.

This is the same with a “grey cat” filter. If the filter is clogged, your ac begins to strain to get air. It puts a strain on your entire system. If your system is older, this additional stress could do your system in for good.

In addition to it being important to change your air filter (or at least check to be sure it is not filthy), it is a great time to give your air conditioner some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Call today to set up a preventive maintenance check. These “check-ups” are extremely important, and can help catch minor problems that could become major, if they are not dealt with.

Currently, we are running a special in the Summerville/Greater Charleston Area for this service.  Click here to get your coupon.

A special “Thank You” to Caitlin L. for providing me with custom art for this blog.

Have a great day… and, May God Continue to Bless You and Your Family!


Are you considering a new air conditioner? 6 reasons to say yes!

Are you considering a new air conditioner?

6 Reasons to say YES!

Now, may be the right time!

(Bullet points are below if you don’t feel like reading…LOL.  A link to our specials is also below.)

I am sure that you are thinking…”Of course the AC company thinks now is the time for an ac replacement”. But there are actually a few good reasons to get your ac replaced now.

  1. The weather is nice right now. That means that when you get your ac replaced, you won’t be baking in your home while the work is being completed. Let’s face it, South Carolina can be down right HOT and MUGGY in the summer. What is worse is when you have invited people to your home for a celebration, a holiday, or to just get together, and the air conditioner goes out. Usually, it is on the weekend when rates are at an all time high.
  2. With the “trade” issues that are going on between the US and China, our manufacturers are already warning us of increases in equipment costs. Why, you might ask? METAL. We are being told that prices could increase between 8 – 10%. If you know you need an air conditioner replacement, don’t wait until the costs of the equipment go up.
  3. If you are a SCE&G Customer, the rebates have increased for certain energy efficient models. The rebates can range from $300 to $500 per unit that is replaced.

    Air Conditioning Rebates for SCE&G Customers

    Call for details on the SCE&G Rebates that are available.

  4. R-22 is at all time highs! What is R-22? It is a type of refrigerant that has been used for the last 30 – 40 years in air conditioners, heat pumps, and other “refrigeration”.  Why is it being phased out? The US Environmental Protection Agency has deemed that R-22 will become illegal in the United States on January 1, 2020. After this date, R-22 will not be able to be manufactured or imported into the United States. How does that effect you? R-22 used to be an inexpensive refrigerant. Now, the cost for a jug of R-22 is over $700 wholesale. The retail cost of R-22 is between $90 -$150+ per lb. Please remember that refrigerant doesn’t just evaporate; it either leaks out or it is let out. If your unit is “completely empty”, don’t “refill it” without repairing the leak (if that is even possible).
  5. More efficient units are available now! When you purchase an air conditioner or heat pump, in most cases, you are buying a unit with better efficiency than the older unit. With a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER rating), your unit uses less electricity and you end up saving money on your electric bill. How much can it save? In some cases it can save as much as $100+ per month. Arctic Air can help you decide which SEER rating makes the most sense for you and your family.
  6. There are some great financing options available for those with approved credit. There are plans with 0% interest when paid in full by a designated time. There are other plans that are as low as 5.99%. We have financing options for those with “good” credit and “not-so good” credit. Please give Arctic Air a call to discuss the details, and how this type of financing can help you fit a new air conditioner into your budget.

If you just scrolled through and didn’t want to read the information, here are the bullet points.

  • WEATHER – You won’t bake while having your unit installed.
  • TRADE – Metal that is being imported into the US may have tariffs added. Prices may go up 8-10%.
  • SCE&G Rebates – Rebates have increased
  • R-22 – R-22 is being phased out and costs for it are outrageous.
  • Save $$$ – Save money on your electric bill with an energy efficient unit.
  • Financing – We have financing for those with good credit and “not-so good” credit

Please feel free to give us a call at 843-821-0937 to schedule your preventive maintenance, service call or free appointment for a replacement unit.


Thank you and we hope that you have a great day!

My Happy Place… Grand Turk – 2018


Winter Weather…Another Arctic Blast Coming!

Hello Friends,

I have lived in South Carolina all of my life! I cannot remember any snow storms like the one that the Charleston area is experiencing right now. At our home, we have at least 6-8″ of the white powdery stuff. As I was heading to meet with a customer on Wednesday, I drove from the Summerville exit to the College Park Rd exit. I think that there were about 12 cars in the ditch and that was just in the east bound lanes. I called my customer and told him that I thought it would be best for me to turn around. Thank God, I did. Shortly after I turned around, the sleet stopped and the snow fell, and fell, and fell. It was definitely a beautiful thing to see!

Our hope is that you are either safely at home, or safely at work. My neighbor is a firefighter, and he was leaving at around 6am to head into work. There are people around us that really do sacrifice their own safety, to be able to serve our community. So, whether you are a firefighter, police officer, EMS, 911 operator, military personnel, doctor, nurse, and the list goes on…Thank you! And a thank you to those who have less glorified positions… waitresses, cooks, cashiers. Whoever reported to work today to serve someone else… Thank you!

With this extreme cold, we know that there are many families without heat. Because of the conditions on the roads, we are not able to get out today. We are taking calls and as soon as it is safe, we will be getting out to provide help. Please call ASAP, so that we can get you in the line up.

Our technicians will be working on Saturday to try to get to as many people as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

You can place a service call by calling 843-821-0937, or by going to to place an online service call.

Please feel free to share your photos of your wintery weather scene!


Mike & Staci


Thanks to Theresa F. for this photo opportunity.

Koda all tucked in!

It was too cold for us to go out, but our neighbors and their kids were having the best time (Jesse, Theresa, Mackenzie, Logan and Mason).  Cooper, the golden lab, had a ball outside too!


Lighting the way.


Koda all tucked in!


The view from our front porch.


The view from inside of our home.

Happy Thanksgiving & Summerville Journal Scene – Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting Begins


Hello Everyone!

We are so excited! The Holiday Season is here… Thanksgiving and Christmas! YES! This is time that we get to spend with family and friends to give “THANKS” for all of the blessings that we have. The United States of America may not be perfect, but I am so thankful for our country and what it stands for. I am thankful for the men and women that serve in the military, the police departments, the fire departments and other “first responder” positions across our great land. The media loves to report the “not-so-great-news”! I am saying, let’s focus on the “Good News”, the great people in our lives, and the blessings that we have been given.

I must say that this year has been a tough one. Nonetheless, I am still VERY thankful for all of the blessing that I have in my life. Some of you may know that I have been in the hospital several times this year. Medically, it has been tough, but I still count myself blessed. Though, I am not out of the woods yet, I have a great team of Doctors (MUSC Doctors, Nurses and  staff ROCK!).  I am thankful that my Dad is still with us. Last year, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He has gone through several rounds of chemo-therapy, and keeps fighting everyday. Again, tough stuff, but, as a family, we are still thankful!

What are you thankful for? Feel free to post in the comments section of Facebook, Twitter or Google.

In other news… Summerville Journal Scene – Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting Begins!

Arctic Air, Inc. was nominated for the Summerville Journal Scenes’ Readers’ Choice Award. So, basically, we have gotten through the first step. The next step is to have our friends, family, customers, and others vote for us. It would be such an honor to receive this award. And, to be honest, it would give us bragging rights for the next year! So, how do you vote? Simply click the link below. If you haven’t already, you may have to register, but it is not a long process at all!

Please click the link below and vote for Arctic Air, Inc!

Summerville Journal Scene – Readers’ Choice Voting – Vote Arctic Air, Inc in the Heating and Cooling Section

Thanks in advance & Happy Thanksgiving!


We need your help! See below…

Many of you have used Arctic Air for your ac and heating needs, and we have been honored to serve you!

We have been selected as a 2017 Summerville Journal Scene’s Readers’ Choice Award nominee. We could use your help… and here is how….

**VOTING ENDS NOV 4, 2017 – The Summerville Journal Scene (our local newspaper in Summerville) is taking nominations/votes for the Readers’ Choice Awards. Arctic Air, Inc. has been nominated (they have us listed as Arctic Heating and Air). We would be honored to have this award, and we need YOUR help!

Please click the link below, then scroll down to the “Heating and Cooling Co” section. Click the arrow to open the list of nominations. Then select “Arctic Heating and Air”. Easy Peasy!

Thank you for taking time to place your vote! ?


Extra – Extra – Read All About It!

Arctic Air is looking for experienced, quality service technicians to join our family and our team.

Are you looking for a quality company to grow with? Are you looking for a company that appreciates your hard work? Are you looking for a long term career? Are you wanting to spend more time with your family? Take a look at Arctic Air!

Arctic Air has been in business for over 24 years in the Summerville/Greater Charleston/Mt. Pleasant Area. Arctic Air is family owned and operated.  We believe in treating each and every employee with respect and appreciation. We believe in maintaining a high standard of work ethic. We always strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Therefore, we are willing to invest in you with continuing education to help make you the best service technician you can be.

This position is for a career, but we also believe that your family is extremely important. Therefore, we are able to plan for your family events. Do you need to be off on a certain day or time to make it to your child’s school performance? No problem, we can work with you to make sure you don’t miss out on these important events.

Would you like an opportunity to make more than your hourly salary? There are opportunities throughout each day to do just that!

We do not hire in the summer, then fire in the winter. We want to keep our techs for the “long haul”.


Residential and Light Commercial (Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)


  • Dependability – Arrive at jobs on time.
  • Quality – Diagnose and make the repair right the first time.
  • Friendliness – Treat customers and co-workers with respect, compassion and consideration.
  • Drug Free – Arctic Air has a ZERO Tolerance policy for illegal drug use.
    Additional responsibilities include:
    • Service Calls – including driving to customer sites, greeting customers, troubleshooting, and diagnosing/resolving problems.
    • Describing options and costs, obtaining approval, and making repairs.
    • Performing preventive maintenance.
    • Repairing systems.
    • Checking condensation drain lines to ensure proper drainage.
    • Documenting services, explaining guarantees/warranties, collecting/recording and delivering fees.
    • Ensuring that all repairs and installations are accurate, serviceable, meet safety and regulatory standards and codes.
    • Ordering parts and/or materials for jobs.
    • Promoting service agreements.
  • Required Credentials
    • 6 months – 1 year of related HVAC service experience in addition to training, or equivalent combination of experience and advanced training.
    • EPA certification and advanced knowledge of electrical and gas diagnostics and air flow.
    • Current driver’s license with a good driving record.
    • Strong communications and interpersonal skills
    • The ability to regularly move, lift, and carry objects weighing up to 75 pounds, including ductwork, air handlers, furnaces, tools, etc.
    • Willingness and ability to occasionally work evenings. Rotation schedule for weekends.

Preferred Credentials:
• High school diploma or GED equivalent.
• Two or more years of electrical/HVAC service training, or completion of an approved training program.

Full-time employees receive competitive pay; comprehensive paid training; insurance allowance; uniform allowance; paid time off and holidays; and 401(k) with company match.

Company provided vehicle, gas card, cell phone, laptop, hotspot!

Arctic Air, Inc. is looking for experienced, quality service technicians to join our family and our team. In order to make things as easy as possible, we have set up two Saturdays for interviews. The first Saturday is on July 24th between 9am – 2pm. The second is set for July 8 between 9am – 2pm.